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Songwriting Tips

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Here are 10 tips from professional Songwriters and producers on the art of creating a hit song!

1. It’s all about creating ANTHEM songs that move people (e.g. I've Got Friends in Low Places, We Are the Champions My Friend). These songs involve people emotionally, connect with the listener, and evoke a physical reaction such as dancing, crying or laughing. This is what DRIVES the song.

2. Songwriter’s songs have a glimmer of hope or speak to a cause that's close to them.

3. Writers may need to make changes (e.g. re-write verse / change the beat) to create the 'vibe'. Using power chords or walk down chords which lead and build up into the chorus... HOOK! Changing a line can make all the difference when creating a hit song. Be patient. Stay Positive. Be creative.

4. Depending on the song subject, be careful of using "WE". Sometimes it doesn't sit well for the listener to identify who WE may refer to in your lyrics. Changing We to "I" works better to identify you.

5. Melody can be GOLD: If when playing your song you can't get the 'HOOK' line out of your mind, if it keeps repeating in your head, if you find yourself singing your new song at any given time… that’s what we call a HIT!

6. 'MAKE THE SONG YOURS' Every performer is unique and your songs should reflect that!

7. You know it's going to be a good song when it sounds good with just a piano or guitar!

8. Last but not least... MAKE EVERY LINE MATTER.

Denis Chaykowski

Founder of Fresh BC Talent and C-Me Live Productions

Singer, Songwriter & Industry Expert

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