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Improving the Songwriting Process: Song Land

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

We highly recommend that all Songwriters watch the show series Song Land (Mondays at 7pm/10pm) on CBC TV. A panel of top music industry producers work to creatively adapt the songwriter’s original song to a star guest artist each week!

Here are a few noteworthy episodes with artists you may want to look up:

  • Monday, May 4th - Martina McBride: Country Royalty Award winning Singer / Songwriter and Winner: Halie - Girls Like Me

  • Monday, April 27 featured artist: H.E.R. Grammy Award winning singer songwriter.

  • Monday, April 20 SONG LAND show featured: Luis Fonsi - Award winning recording artist

  • Monday, April 13 SONG LAND featured "Lady Antebellum" selected songwriter Madeline Merlo song 'Champagne Night" to record

  • Show WINNER: RYAN - Original song "SWAY" recorded by guest artist.

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