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Performance Enhancement Studio 2022


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Fresh BC Talent Quest has been committed to promoting and supporting local youth talent since 2012 in the Okaganan and continued to offer fresh new shows and music programs up to SEASON 10. The new "Performance Enhancement Studio 22" concept [2020] promoted and created NEW unique music opportunities, studio recording experience, to live events during COVID-19 up to 2022.

Two year 'COVID-19' shut down of businesses, schools, sports, social activities, music events, etc. put the world on hold beyond our wildest imaginations, to total isolation with no  contact other than immediate family members.


Fresh BC Talent managed to work (perform) during COVID-19 following all BC Health guidelines  for our outside 'SUMMER 2020 Music'  series featuring young local performers @ Blenz Coffee each Saturday thro the summer.


Also provide recording opportunities: Pictures [2020] at Ellis St Analog Recording Studio in Summerland. This was  an amazing experience to our singers involved. First in our auditions rehearsals, than studio [audition] recording, to the (3) panel group members (Summerland and Edmonton] task of choosing a 'singer' based on her studio 'vocal' recording of my original song as lead singer for  'Morning After' production at Ellis Ave Analog Recording studio..

Morning After' song featured on our MUSIC page featuring panel's choice: 'Jay Porteous' on lead vocals. Fresh BC Talent appreciated all the  singers time and commitment to our recording project.


NOTE: Original recording plan was to have each singer record a verse, as well; all singers collectively on back up vocals. COVID-19 shut that down due studio time limits and safe social distancing to proceed collectively as a group.

Positive side: We had FUN providing a great wonderful studio experience for all with Therein (producer) and Denis (songwriter) We were both very proud of all the individuals vocal efforts,  passion and dedication to singing 'Morning After'. Thank you for that!

Click on Morning After' Enjoy!



2022 Performers Music Workshop Programs

FBCTQ had an extensive professional Performance Development Workshop weekend sessions lined up for 2022. PES*22 music workshops provided great valuable (both educationally / financially) to ensure all performers (families) are able to receive professional support in areas of: how to improved your current music skills to vocal health / performance development, taking your performance to the next level. As well building new music contacts, relationships and networking. Performers Music Workshop programs involve full interactive 'hands on' fun activities to engagement by all [ages] participants. NEVER STOP Learning When An Opportunity presents itself to YOU!.

  • Performers' Development

  • Perfecting Your Brand Image

  • Maximize Your Performance

  • Master Media Interviews

  • And Many More!


Are you ready to take your performance to the next level..? They are..!

Whether you are an amateur or seasoned performer,Fresh BC Talent invited ages (9-18) to register for our music workshops and performance opportunities that benefit performers to improving all aspects of 'their' music performance, vocals, stage and presentation skills. We Can Always Learn More at Any Skill Level!


PES Registration Form
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New Music Format * Rewarding Experience

Year-Round Music Development

A safe and secure environment open year-round for young performers of all skill levels in the Okanagan area. Working towards accomplishing individual goals with positivity, inclusiveness and support. Providing performance opportunities, educational workshops, skill development and support at every step of the way.

Unique Growth Opportunities

Local music facilitators and educators providing exclusive music industry programs. Focusing on developing stage presence, performance technical skills, voice training, live auditions, media interviews, public relations skills, health and wellness, and other music industry related career programs. Supporting performers to pursue higher educational pathways.

Strengthening The Community

 Inspired by the belief that cultural and social activities are important in all communities and benefit the future of our youth. Creating employment opportunities, building community partnerships and tapping into local networks to provide exposure and recognition for other cross-cultural events. It's a win-win for everyone!


Fresh BC Talent Quest has been fortunate to secure key individuals to serve on our advisory board having years of music experience as entertainers, business management, to a professional career as a music coach, musical theatre degree, to marketing etc. FBCTQ has many contacts and or resources necessary to effectively assist in facilitating a management team to performers start-up and establishing music career. Click below to meet the team!

Take a look at past development workshops Fresh BC Talent Quest has hosted.

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