Performance Enhancement Studio October 2022 Performers Workshops

Join Us at our 6th Performers Music Workshop on October 22 & 23!

Since 2013 Fresh BC Talent workshops created a great music and performance development opportunity for ages 9-18. From learning the basics of live performances to having a FUN experience doing so. It's a WIN - WIN!

 Online registration up to October 15 DEADLINE.

Booking twenty up to twenty-five (25) performers workshops seats maximum.

All Skill Levels and Entertainment Forms Welcomed


PES*22 music workshop is designed offering music development, to improve performers stage performances, voice-vocal development skills, mental health and wellness, as well as other music industry support programs.

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October Workshop Details

Fresh BC Talent - Celebrating 10 SEASONS

Where: Sandman Hotel, Penticton - 939 Burnaby Ave, Penitcton - Accommodation & Workshop Venue Sponsorship

When: Saturday October 22nd & Sunday October 23rd

Who: Aspiring local performers ages 9 - 18 [Novice and up] looking to improve their vocal, music and stage skills, and more

Workshop $100 Fee: Saturday and Sunday workshops. NOTE: $100 Fee applies if only booking a (Saturday or Sunday) workshop.

Performers Workshop FEE [ $100 ] PAID by e-transfer to: Auto deposit. NO PW req. E-transfer pymt. receipt emailed to registering sender.

WHAT: Performers event ID lanyards. Complimentary 'healthy snacks-refreshments during workshop breaks. Performers Gift 'goodies' bag.

NOTE: October Workshops require a minimum of [20] participants to proceed up to 25 seating cap limit. Book online NOW confirms YOU!

Performers online registration DEADLINE - Saturday, October 15. Allows us to confirm our venues, presenters, etc. with 20+ participants


Fresh BC Talent 2022 Workshop Sponsors:

Penticton Herald: Proud to CONFIRMED our fabulous sponsorship support with the Penticton Herald of our 'banner ad' starting Sat, Sept 17 and featured  every (Wed. & Sat.) Herald paper up to October 12. AWESOME design by graphic team.

SANDMAN Hotel, Penticton - Accommodation Sponsorship offering our out of town workshop participants a 'Special room' discount for all parents - performers taking part in our Fresh BC Talent October workshop weekend event.

Booking your SANDMAN Hotel 'Special' Accommodation:

  • Group Name - Fresh BC Talent - SEASON 10 [Parents - Performers]

  • Arrival October 21, 2022

  • Departure October 23, 2022

  • Rates apply to either one (1) night or two (2) night stay.

    • Single Queen - $99 per night plus applicable taxes

    • Two Bedded - $109 per night plus applicable taxes

  • Block ID # - 160474 refer to this Block ID# number when booking your room

  • Limited Blocked Rooms - book your ASAP

  • Block Cutoff Date – October 16, 2022 – Rate based on availability after the date

Fresh BC Talent (event producer) recommends parents / performers checking in Friday, October 21. Gives everyone time to settle in, parent(s) / performer can relax, swimming (hotel pool, sauna) etc. Enjoy a great dinner. Other activities during your stay: Golf coarse close by. Loco Landing activity (kids / adults) area, skate park, Walk or bike around the area. Saturday Farmers Market. SANDMAN Hotel Bar 1, as well, many other things parents can do during the day while their performers are at our workshop.


SANDMAN Hotel Information:

939 Burnaby Ave W, Penticton, V2A 1G7

Phone: 250-493-7151


Refer to Block ID # - 160474 when booking your room

Workshop Agenda:

Performer music workshops are designed and tailored to support young performers' current skills and ability, to improve on their performances, music development skills, to offering 'one on one' and group performance critiquing. Interactive group 'hands on' participation, coaching support, mentor-ship to offering year round performance opportunities.

PES*22 workshops allow Presenters and Performers the time for a full 'specialized' workshop presentation. Whether a half day or hour; our workshops allow everyone time to present, can cover more programs, to adding group interaction, hands on activities, to open group discussion. Performance Enhancement Studio *22 music workshops are designed in part from performers feed back for specific programs: vocals, voice, breathing, stage, live auditions, interview process, etc. are just some examples for  our novice and or seasoned artists being offered to improving stage shows, vocals, social media skills to mental wellness and health. All these (and more) factor into creating your image, stage shows to your management team.

Workshop Presenters

Click on each presenter to read their bio.

Interested in facilitating? Please contact Denis Chaykowski - Event Coordinator @ 250 460 2221

Meet our FABULOUS 2022 Fresh BC Talent - SEASON 10 Performers Workshop team

Maria Field headshot.jpg

Emotional Wellness Coach & EFT Practitioner

AJMP crew.png

Audio & Sound Production

Rosina Turner headshot.jpg

Music Teacher/Vocal Coach


FBCTQ Founder & Event Coordinator

Are YOU READY to take your Music Performance to the next level?

You're Invited !

Whether as a Novice, Amateur or Seasoned performer to our SEASON 10 Performers Music workshop. Got any suggestions? Let's hear from you. Select 'Area of Focus' topic below that could benefit YOU!

Please complete Registration form. Fresh BC Talent will contact registered participants.

Notice: after completing your Registration form and 'click' Register NOW your Registration form has been sent. Registration page goes back to blank page again. Don't Panic! Fresh BC Talent Quest will CONFIRM your registered with-in 24 hrs. Any problems call: 250 460 - 2221

PES 2022 Fall Workshop Form
Have you attended any Fresh BC Talent Quest workshops or other music workshops?

What would YOU like to learn to improve your current music skills, stage show and performance skills? Indicate your top 6 choices. Individual letters [ A - K ] represent the many PES*22 performers music programs available.

April 8 SANDMAN Workshop 121.NEF.jpg

Areas of Focus

Fresh BC Talent Quest presents the following areas of development we will focus on at the workshop. We welcome any and all suggestions for other performance development topics! Fill out the registration form to get in touch.


Mental Health, Wellness, Healthy Life choices, Exercises Personal Confidence. Stage Attitude. Believing YOU can Family Support. Including friends, making all healthy lifestyle choices count committing to practice. All this contribute to your personal music development, helping you reach your goals.


Gain confidence and learn to give great interviews for media, radio and TV. Preparation for those on the spot ‘live’ interviews. Learn the what, when, why and how for a good media interview. Being ready is so important!  "Think before you speak”. Toastmaster - media person provide participation and discussion session.


Choosing the right live studio (private, online, etc) other Professional recording engineer artist presentation.  Know all the costs involved from start to finish, to product in hand, What you need to do, know before YOU sign to a recording contract or studio! 


Forming right Management Team. Aware of performance fees, signing recording deals to contracts, agents, PR to branding, copy-write, royalty earnings, etc. The 3rd Music Industry Summit presenting established music leaders and panel presentation. Q & A Recommended for Parents, performers, open to all artists. Full Details spring 2022.


This starts with your ‘First Impression” when entering the room. You have 5 seconds to impress - whether it be a live audition, promoting your song or your show. How are you going impress potential music industry talent agents, managers or artist booking groups? Can your act keep people engaged? Are you Marketable? Manageable? Let’s see what you got!

E - VOICE & VOCAL Workshop(NEW)

Voice - vocal exercises, live vocal audition, stage vocal performance. Vocal dynamics voice readiness, preparations and more. Learn what you need to do as a novice to pro singer to succeed!


Performers looking to take their music career to the next level to studio recording. Practised readied your song, studio and artists timelines Rehearsed and more. "Time is Money" in the studio! Q & A. Performers studio tour. TBD


So YOU want to be in a BAND! Can you commit your time and energy to practices and live shows? Who's in charge? Why is so important establish group leadership, band music director, band direction, band gear & responsibilities. What's the plan if the group breaks up, a member moves, graduates, or someone has attitude. Lots to consider! As Professional we've been there and look forward to working with you. Are you ready?


Get the most out of your performance. This begins with planning your show from start to finish, understanding song (set) choices, the importance of stage (dress) appearance, knowing your audience prior to the show and being able to switch material around if necessary. We help maximize your performance from engaging group interaction to one-on-one workshop presentations and ‘on stage’ sessions.


Providing one-on-one and or  group sessions. Professional critiquing and instruction to    to improving a great stage performance: to vocals, band sound, to your stage show. Looking to provide one on one Instruction for players on: drums, bass, guitar, keys, vocals and more! Understanding sound checks, PA set up, operation of your sound gear, proper use of microphones, your audience connection. We provide the studio room for solo / groups for your audition-evaluations!


Team up with a singer song writer in a group song writing exercise. Learning the basic format to writing a first song. Your opportunity to write a original song (lyrics, music) from scratch. Present song to group. Seasoned song writer to discuss / create song story, the 'hook', & other important details  Awesome writers session for new and seasoned writers to inspire YOU as a singer-song writer.

NOW ..Let's write a song....!!


New Format, Same Rewarding Experience

Year-Round Music Development

A safe and secure environment open year-round for young performers of all skill levels in the Okanagan area. Working towards accomplishing individual goals with positivity, inclusiveness and support. Providing performance opportunities, educational workshops, skill development and support at every step of the way.

Unique Growth Opportunities

Local music facilitators and educators providing exclusive music industry programs. Focusing on developing stage presence, performance technical skills, voice training, live auditions, media interviews, public relations skills, health and wellness, and other music industry related career programs. Supporting performers to pursue higher educational pathways.

Strengthening The Community

 Inspired by the belief that cultural and social activities are important in all communities and benefit the future of our youth. Creating employment opportunities, building community partnerships and tapping into local networks to provide exposure and recognition for other cross-cultural events. It's a win-win for everyone!

Fresh BC Talent Quest has been fortunate to secure key individuals to serve on our advisory board and oversee Performance Enhancement Studio 22. They have experience in the areas of professional business management, professional music career, music coach, musical theatre performer, stage and audio, marketing, advertising, etc. Together, FBCTQ has access to resources necessary to effectively assist in facilitating and managing all aspects of Performance Enhancement Studio. Click below to meet the team!

Take a look at past development workshops Fresh BC Talent Quest has hosted.