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Performance Enhancement Studio Performers Music & Skills Workshops

Fresh BC Talent - 2022 Performers Music Workshop

Since 2013 Fresh BC Talent workshops was created after our first talent show designed to help young performers get themselves ready for FBCTQ up coming talent shows, as well other local talent events.  Workshops provided hands on support for performers ages 9-18 starting with stage and music development programs at all skill levels. Fresh BC Talent hired professional music industry presenters and together (we) created a  'family music friendly 'hands on' interactive educational music workshop experiences benefiting individuals needs..

Fresh BC Talent hire professional workshop presenters (both) in the music industry profession and in other related professional capacity (health-wellness, mental health, management) etc. all covered a wide variety of topics to include: music development,  performers stage presences and performances. To voice-vocal health, vocal training and development, but most importantly 'mental health and wellness,'  so important to young artists. As well other music industry leaders in [studio recording, management, contracts, royalties] etc to offering parent-performers a 'music industry' panel form discussion to taking their music to the next level as a professional and music career.


Biggest disappointment was cancelling SEASON 10 fall workshop. COVID-19 was still a concern with parents, BC Health and others. We were ready! Having venue, professional presenters, advertising in advance, etc. all in place.

You have to accept what you can't control...and ' move onward. Always good days ahead of us !

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Celebrating 10 SEASONS

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PES*22 - Areas of Focus

Fresh BC Talent Quest offered the following topics in the performers music and skills development programs, as well; offering a music industry leaders summit  to include both performer / parents participating in a panel group presentation and discussion.


Presentations below "in-part" of NEW programs offered 2022 performers music workshops.


Mental Health, Wellness Life choices. Your Confidence.  Believing in YOU! Family and  friends support, making good healthy lifestyle choices count

and more.......


Gain confidence learning to give great interviews: media, radio and TV. Preparation for on the spot ‘live’ interviews.....

what yand how you response so very important.....and


Choosing the right fit for you' production studio (private, online) to recording engineer  Know all the 'fix' costs from start to finish..and so on!.


Forming right Management Team. Aware of performance fees, signing contracts agents label records, etc branding, copy-write, royalty earnings future or '...."what you need to know...!


 ‘First Impression” starts in 5 seconds when YOU enter the room: to impress producers, a live audition....and more

E - VOICE & VOCAL Workshop(NEW)

Voice - vocal exercises, vocal audition, vocal dynamics to stage show performance  critical  to.....and more!


Performers looking to take their music career to the next level  "Time is Money" in the studio!..need to be......!


It's exciting You're NOW  in a BAND! You and your friends are pumped! Let's Slow down. It's not that simple! Firstly can you commit? .......more to talk about


Get the most out of your performance. This begins with planning your show from start to finish, understanding song choices, importance of stage .....and so much more!


Providing one-on-one and or  group sessions. Professional critiquing and instruction to    to improving a great stage performance: to vocals, band sound, know more...?


Team up with a singer song writer in a group song writing exercise. Learning the basic format to writing a first song. Your opportunity to write a original song. ..Let's write a song...if you're ready.!!


New Format, Same Rewarding Experience

Year-Round Music Development

A safe and secure environment open year-round for young performers of all skill levels in the Okanagan area. Working towards accomplishing individual goals with positivity, inclusiveness and support. Providing performance opportunities, educational workshops, skill development and support at every step of the way.

Unique Growth Opportunities

Local music facilitators and educators providing exclusive music industry programs. Focusing on developing stage presence, performance technical skills, voice training, live auditions, media interviews, public relations skills, health and wellness, and other music industry related career programs. Supporting performers to pursue higher educational pathways.

Strengthening The Community

 Inspired by the belief that cultural and social activities are important in all communities and benefit the future of our youth. Creating employment opportunities, building community partnerships and tapping into local networks to provide exposure and recognition for other cross-cultural events. It's a win-win for everyone!

Fresh BC Talent Quest has been fortunate to secure key individuals to serve on our advisory board and oversee Performance Enhancement Studio 22. Each presenter brings 20+ years experience in their professional field: whether in business management, a professional singer, music stage career, vocal-voice management, to musical theatre degree - performer.  Together, FBCTQ has access to music resources necessary to effectively assist in facilitating to  managing all aspects of a young performers start-up at our 2022 music workshops. Click below to meet the team!

Take a look at past development workshops Fresh BC Talent Quest has hosted.

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