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'Morning After'
Denis Chaykowski & Jordan "JAY" Porteous

Morning After is an original song by songwriter and FBCTQ founder Denis Chaykowski, with lead vocals brought to you by Jordan ‘Jay’ Porteous of Kelowna.  Morning After reflects today's current issues of people from all walks of life, dealing with harsh street conditions, physical encounters, losing friends and family, as well as facing sacrifices each day. Listen to the song below!

‘Morning After’ was recorded at the Ellis Avenue Analog Recording Studio in Summerland with Thurein Minyt, producer, who also provided Fresh BC Talent Quest in-kind sponsorship by providing a realistic 'hands on' analog recording opportunity and experience for our Fresh BC Talent Quest singers who all auditioned for lead vocals. This included each singer's first 1 hour audition preparation session with Denis Chaykowski to tweak vocals in advance for their official studio recording date session. The CD demo (voice selection) panel members were extremely impressed by each singer's unique vocal style and originality on their recording. All singers showcased their own style, emotions and vocal expression as the perspective of the storyteller in the song. The final version was mixed and mastered in April 2021 with in-kind sponsorship from Greg Reely Mastering in Osoyoos. 


The ‘Morning After’ May CD release party was postponed due to COVID and took place in August 2021 at the Orchard House. Fresh BC Talent Quest, Ellis Ave Analog Studio and The Green Jacket Studio provided and followed all COVID-19 safety regulations and restrictions during this time. Had COVID-19 not interfered with time and venue delays, we would have loved to have recorded each singer singing a verse on Morning After as one whole song version; as well as back up vocals to Jay's recording. Moving forward we look forward to more studio recording opportunities for our young performers with our local recording studios!


Travis Turner

Travis Turner is a Canadian film and television actor, voice artist, rapper, singer, songwriter and entrepreneur who had his humble beginnings as a Fresh BC Talent Quest Performer in SEASON 1 and SEASON 8 Finals Guest Judge! FBCTQ looks forward to Travis "Little T" Turner's involvement as we invite him back to be a judge and workshop facilitator to support performers as part of our Performance Enhancement Studio 22 music programs. Travis has an array of accomplishments under his belt. Check out his past projects and links below to get in touch with "Little T"!

Travis Anchor
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