Fresh BC Talent Quest

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Fresh BC Talent Quest (FBCTQ) is a Not-for-Profit group that organizes and promotes local events to showcase and develop youth talent (age 9 -18) in the Penticton and Okanagan area. FBCTQ offers development workshops, live performances with family-friendly competition, educational resources and many more growth opportunities for all skill levels.

Founded in 2012, FBCTQ has grown to showcase over 30 young performers every year. FBCTQ has also placed more than 50 young winners on the Penticton Peachfest Main Stage. Our Performers Music Workshops have increased to full capacity over the past 5 seasons with participants from across the entire Okanagan (Oliver, OK Falls, Penticton, Summerland, West Bank, Kelowna, Vernon, Lake Country and Winfield communities). FBCTQ provides FUN, interactive music workshops with great facilitators supported by local Sponsors. We continue to grow thanks to word of mouth as well as the support of many local music schools (public and private) recommending our talent shows and music workshops to their students!

Fresh BC Talent Quest founder Denis Chaykowski has an extensive music background with over 30 years of industry experience including singing, songwriting, performing, mentoring and event management. The Fresh BC Talent Quest name and event idea came from attending a week-long "INDIE Entertainment Submit" workshop in Los Angeles, California in 2012. Denis returned home with a new plan of action focusing to support young local talent develop and improve their performance skills, provide live performance opportunities and ongoing year-round support with local community events. Fresh BC Talent Quest continues to grow as we launch our new "Performance Enhancement Studio" for 2022. New format, same Fresh BC Talent Quest values!

Our Goals

Performance Opportunities

Provide live performance opportunities to gain on-stage experience and exposure

Music Skill Development

Work with industry experts to deliver opportunities and resources for performers to enhance their skillset

Collaborate With Local Schools &

Music Programs

Partner with local schools and programs to provide professional and credible resources for development

Educational Music Workshops

Host professional and well-structured music workshops for all skill levels

Mentorship Programs

Work with performers to achieve their music goals as a young performer and years to come!

Community Involvement & Support

Give back to the community through fundraisers, promoting arts & culture, and building relationships

Everything Fresh BC Talent Quest does is rooted in community with an emphasis on the well-being and growth of the local youth. Many of our teen performers have been involved in local school talent shows, high school musicals and stage shows, Fresh BC Talent Quest competitions, and local festivals such as Penticton Peachfest and Kiwanis Fest. We are committed to adding value to the communities in which we operate and believe that FUN and passion should be at the core of it all!

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Fresh BC Talent Quest will always do what we can to support and create music experiences for those who truly want it. Story time! In SEASON 5, Priya Siivakumer (age 13) entered as a drummer using her electric drum kit and original music track. Weeks prior to her show date, her family was moving (work related) and therefore Priya would not have been available for the finals. Both the performer and her parents were heartbroken as she worked extremely hard preparing for the up coming competition. However, Fresh BC Talent Quest producer Denis Chaykowski wouldn’t let it end there! Arrangements were made with the parents to see (Priya) perform at their home on the material she had arranged and put together for the talent quest. Priya's performance [ music / drumming] was incredible showcasing her amazing drumming skills and talent! Denis extended an instant invitation to Priya to perform at the FBCTQ semifinals halftime show where she received a standing ovation. This is just one example of how Fresh BC Talent Quest truly supports the growth of young talent who have a passion for music and want to take it to the next level. Priya certainly did just that!

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Since SEASON 2 in 2013, Fresh BC Talent Quest has had the help and support of a local National Judge and Adjudicator, Angela Quinn, who assisted in developing a new scoring format for our talent shows which we still use today! This format works well for our judges, FBCTQ adjudicator, and most importantly for scoring performers in our three different age group categories. It also included a format for duos, trios, bands and instrumentalists (solo or group), as well as dancers. These categories helped to create more options for competitors entering our annual talent quest shows. We are so grateful for Angela Quinn's support over the years which has allowed FBCTQ to grow into what you see today!